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Topgallantfiction Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Chapter 1861 – It Is Qu Linan addicted bite-sized propose-p2
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1861 – It Is Qu Linan pinch evanescent
“Great, tell me his phone number and traditional bank card range,” said Gu Ning.
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And then, Gu Ning remaining.
Just after wondering the problems she needed to consult, Gu Ning changed around jogging out from the family area. Whenever they couldn’t see her, she had out ropes to tie up them up. Afterward, she walked aside and had out a mobile computer out of the telepathic eyeball s.p.a.ce. She transported the captured training video in to the laptop then duplicated it in a USB display hard drive.
“Right, captain. Due to the fact that girl recorded this training video, she must still need it in their fingers. For those who keep it secret, she’ll definitely show it. Then…” another policeman reported with terrific get worried.
Following going back to the authorities station, Zhou Renyu experienced the video trapped in the Usb memory card.
Today, a law enforcement officials official from the 5th staff of the Haicheng District Public Stability Bureau, Captain Zhou Renyu, led six policemen to take away the six suspects who had previously been tied up up by Gu Ning, plus the Usb memory card around the caffeine family table.
And then, Gu Ning still left.
With no amaze, Gu Ning believed the two cultivators chased following her right away.
Five minutes later on following Gu Ning known as cops, police officers arrived at the villa.
Since there wasn’t awesome ability on Gu Ning’s system at this point also there were countless other individuals running in the night time, each cultivators didn’t assume there is something incorrect together.
And then, Gu Ning had out her cell phone and mailed these people to K. She advised him to learn that number’s records from 1 / 2 last year.
Truly, the six suspects already accepted it, so it ought to be the reality.
“Tell me the actual particular date and place,” stated Gu Ning.
Immediately after requesting the inquiries she needed to check with, Gu Ning switched around going for walks out from the living area. After they couldn’t see her, she needed out ropes to fasten them up. After that, she went aside and needed out a notebook computer out of the telepathic eye s.p.a.ce. She migrated the recorded video recording in to the mobile computer then cloned it to a USB flash drive.
When Gu Ning known as the police officers, she said that she obtained put the Usb memory card using the suspects’ confession around the cappuccino dinner table, so that they understood what it really was.
Because there wasn’t awesome energy on Gu Ning’s body at this time where there were more people today running during the nights, each cultivators didn’t consider there had been nearly anything completely wrong with her.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Just after going back to law enforcement station, Zhou Renyu played the recording saved in the Usb memory card.
Following that, Gu Ning had taken out her smartphone and directed these phones K. She shared with him to learn that number’s records from half this past year.
They believed that it had been poison in the beginning, however their firm arms and legs soon relaxed.
Zhou Renyu never imagined that Qu Linan would do this type of harsh thing, however they have been family after all. Most significantly, he could reach his position currently relying on Qu Linan, so he possessed to talk to Qu Linan concerning this to find out what we should do next.
Next, Gu Ning eventually left.
Granted their atmosphere, Gu Ning evaluated that their levels wasn’t higher.
Really, the six suspects already confessed it, so it needs to be the truth.
A few minutes in the future right after Gu Ning named the cops, police officers reached the villa.
Gu Ning also warned them. “Don’t try and refuse the things you explained just now just after reaching the cops station. I’ll look closely at you the entire time. As soon as you reject it, you will basically wiped out whether or not you’re produced.”
Gu Ning didn’t have time to check out who people were, and she was frightened they can might get to the villa, that may ruin her program. As a result, she jogged towards another track delivering mystical capability to attract them.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Also, people were unclear about how she discovered that guys were definitely the murderers of Fu Yongliang’s family members.
This villa wasn’t theirs, but Qu Linan’s. Mainly because they do awful deeds for Qu Linan, Qu Linan allow them to keep in this article.
The person then browse the mobile phone number Qu Linan designed to get hold of him along with his lender unit card variety. Gu Ning kept in mind them soon after seeing and hearing it one time.
“Captain, if other people see out, we won’t be capable of make it key. It’ll induce difficulty for people also,” a policeman mentioned. He recognized that Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan were actually associated, so Zhou Renyu needed to secure Qu Linan, but he experienced which it wasn’t a good idea.
The guy then look at phone number Qu Linan accustomed to get hold of him and the lender unit card range. Gu Ning recalled them following hearing it once.
On the other hand, though their muscular tissues stress-free, they still couldn’t shift mainly because Gu Ning tied them on top of ropes.
Gu Ning jogged with a dim spot, then got off her jacket, hat, and face mask before organizing them in to the telepathic eyes s.p.a.ce. After a while, she ceased delivering mystical power and jogged aside in the road outside the prohibit. Following that, she jogged back to the motion she just originated from, pretending to generally be jogging during the night time.
Gu Ning ran to the dim area, then had taken off her layer, cap, and face mask before organizing them to the telepathic attention s.p.a.ce. Before long, she stopped launching awesome energy and ran to the side with the street beyond the block. From then on, she ran directly back to the track she just got their start in, acting to become operating during the night-time.
Soon after returning to the authorities station, Zhou Renyu played the recording placed in the Usb memory card.
She then put the laptop computer back into the telepathic eyeball s.p.a.ce before strolling returning to the living room and setting the USB flash disk over the coffee table.
Nonetheless, she got only walked away from the villa for roughly 10 yards when she noticed two cultivators not not even close to them. Furthermore, these were quickly coming her.
“Do you possess any proof?” asked Gu Ning.
“Don’t notify any person about it at the moment. Do you really fully understand?” Zhou Renyu immediately aware the cops officials of his group.
“He purchased us to perform a number of other stuff for him.” The person stated, “T-Three months ago, Qu Linan liked a B-listing celebrity given its name Ni Aijing. He advised us to trap her to ensure that he could sexual assault her, but she strongly denied, s-so Qu Linan killed her unintentionally. Her system was thrown into your backwoods.”

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