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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 924 – Theft file hour
At the time of leaving, Zhou Wen needed Ya’er over before going to Chess Mountain peak alone.
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When of departure, Zhou Wen needed Ya’er over before going to Chess Hill by yourself.
Simply because it was too damaging, he definitely couldn’t get Ya’er with him. All things considered, her system wasn’t strong. Even though her entire body could sustain her mental health strength, she was just in the Mythical period. The Mythical stage was just a bottom feeder inside the dimension. It was actually too hazardous.
At the rear of the stone entrance was a huge hallway. There were clearly four statues consecrated in the hallway. These four sculptures looked completely different from regular sculptures. They were much more like generals inside the individual community but not immortals in heaven. Not alone were they putting on armour, however facial looks were definitely extremely ferocious.
The blossom twisted the plant bud towards Zhou Wen and mentioned, “It’s really hard for humans to cross the dimensional buffer to reach the aspect. Consequently, you want a great deal of preparation do the job.”
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Zhou Wen thought of his escape to another dimension to swipe some thing.
Zhou Wen explained his vacation to the dimension to Ya’er and got her to remain at Ouyang Lan’s place for several days. He would choose her up as he delivered.
Zhou Wen thought about it but couldn’t shape it all out.
Although Thearch declared that she got already established all the things, and this there would definitely be no real danger so long as he put into practice her plan, Zhou Wen didn’t trust definite safety, so he were forced to make preparations.
Zhou Wen discussed his visit to the measurement to Ya’er and obtained her to keep at Ouyang Lan’s spot for several days. He would pick her up when he given back.
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He arrived when in front of Chess Mountain’s mountain / hill retaining wall again and spotted the flower into it. Zhou Wen stated, “The Thearch, I am here for the visit. Now, you could tell me things i should do, perfect?”
With that said, The Thearch started the mountain peak retaining wall and permitted Zhou Wen to penetrate Chess Mountain.
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As Soon As The Thearch revealed the blueprint to Zhou Wen, he confirmed that this Thearch wasn’t Nine-Tailed Fox. This is because to go into the sizing, he were forced to makes use of the bronze tripod that chained the Nine-Tailed Fox.
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There are only a couple of days left behind ahead of the visit while using Thearch. I have to put together.
Therefore the pa.s.sageway to Deer Terrace Pavilion is here now. Only then do Zhou Wen have in mind the accurate technique to get into the decrease volume of Deer Terrace Pavilion. Recently, he obtained used the planet earth Elemental Beast to get into.
There are simply a few days remaining until the consultation along with the Thearch. I have to make.
Zhou Wen still recalled The Thearch’s thoughts while he considered your third statue.
Zhou Wen called Ouyang Lan in advance and she happily agreed upon. She even urged Zhou Wen to adopt Ya’er over as quickly as possible.
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In the small even though, the small beast concluded one bottle immediately after one more. Just after it accomplished the past jar, it was actually extremely drunk. It curled up during the jar and decreased sleeping.
Considering that the amount of time was ripe, Zhou Wen tiptoed into the stone entrance and slowly moved it start. He appeared back with the very little monster and discovered that it really was still resting soundly on the wine beverages jar. Zhou Wen quickly went in.
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The pearl dropped itself. Zhou Wen hurriedly stuck it and quickly remaining the entrance. He glanced with the sleeping white monster and quickly left behind.
The pearl decreased itself. Zhou Wen hurriedly stuck it and quickly left behind the threshold. He glanced at the resting white monster and quickly eventually left.
What’s her history? Amongst the people relevant to Deer Terrace Pavilion, besides the 3 demons, how many other women of all ages exist?
Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of remedy since the Thearch’s speech sounded in the brain. “Well finished. Now, consider the pearl to your bronze tripod cauldron and give it on the Nine-Tailed Fox. It won’t keep you from using the bronze tripod. Consider, when you finally enter the dimension, you simply have 36 hours. Once the time is up, the bronze tripod’s pa.s.sageway will automatically close. When you do, your odds of tactical can be really lean. It is important to take the bell in 36 several hours.”
Zhou Wen still recollected The Thearch’s words and phrases while he viewed your third statue.
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The sculpture looked ferocious just like a general from a demonic realm. He retained an unusual umbrella within his fingers. There were several pearls a part of the umbrella, additionally, on it were definitely the phrase “Cosmic Case.”
Soon, Zhou Wen spotted a very small, bright white monster crawl out of the crack during the door. It absolutely was a ferret-like creature. It looked all over intelligently and uncovered the started red wine bottle on a lawn. Its eyes immediately lit as it rushed towards it.
“Isn’t it super easy to contact there from the cube?” Zhou Wen required.

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