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NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
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Chapter 347 – History Of The Royal Family towering ask
However Cervantez stole an important strength from Mazikeen , Mazikeens special switch … ( Tremendous time reduction! )
With Rahim , an ambitious gentleman through the blood vessels vendor corporation brainwashing him , serving his poison versus the queen , he was guide astray to beleive he could grab Mazikeen’s potential and be even better than his daddy.
Mazikeen unveiled an excellent warfare with the then emperor , called the Initial Crusade , since the lightweight faction causes in the Cathedral and the express factors , needed a coupled position from the invading pushes brought by Mazikeen.
During the reign from the very first emperor , Mazikeen Lucifer’s ferocious common planned to set up the nothern country for a location that worshipped Lucifer. Wanting to distributed the church of darkness and propagate the individual that ruled hell’s ideology.
Gradually the sunlight faction causes does acquire , recording a vulnerable Mazikeen , as she was imprisoned from the now outskirts of Purplehaze community!
Mazikeen’s power have been indirectly associated with Lucifer and employing them experienced outcomes to the caster , which explains why Cervantez never tried it unless absolutely essential.
That is why why most of the nothern country still is under lightweight faction kings along with the reason behind Hazelgroove Empire’s tumble!
In the massive below ground bunker , stored concealed through the society , a location just those who took the throne in Hazelgroove kingdom believed about , she saved enslaved for 700 yrs!
An remarkable warrior , as well as a real Emperor , Cervantez fought a bloody combat towards Mazikeen to keep her jailed for just a few additional decades. A fight that gifted him each of the scarring on his human body , a near dying deal with , that Cervantez won through pure will , even though staying the weakened event.
On the other hand something which continued to be through the years , was the opposition with the Hazelgroove Noble friends and family to your Decreased Angel Lucifer.
Section 347 – Reputation The Noble Loved ones
The actual cause of this became a not allowed procedure that stole the opponent’s electrical power for yourself. It originated within a viscous cost of excruciating soreness, nonetheless it was the secret technique of the noble loved ones handed down from the past . Still over all the ages , Cervantez was the only person who acquired the guts to utilize it and become left behind lively and rational even with it , simply because the predecessor who made an effort to make use of it ahead of , journeyed senile .
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In the reign of your 1st emperor , Mazikeen Lucifer’s intense basic needed to identify the nothern country being a spot that worshipped Lucifer. Attempting to propagate the cathedral of darkness and propagate the individual who determined hell’s ideology.
Still this tale stayed unsaid , a incident saved tightly under wraps as not even the queen recognized the origin with the king’s personal injuries , thought to be from preventing a bloody battle. He never fought .
Mazikeen’s strengths were definitely indirectly related to Lucifer and taking advantage of them had consequences for the caster , which explains why Cervantez never tried it unless absolutely important.
Era after generation , she was guarded towards , purple mist coming out from her physique , as she endured the recoil for implementing divine electrical power.
Mazikeen demonstrated Lucifer’s energy within that struggle and for a moment employed a terrifying tier 6 spell inside the valley of our blood. The area which is now called the Ghost empire . That decimated the light faction army.
The Hazelgroove Royal loved ones was began with all the rise on the 1st emperor , who has been a level 5 swordsman , in the position to bend the region to his will. Submitting kingdom after kingdom to last but not least unify the nothern country under his banner ad to always be crowned as the an individual correct emperor.
Ultimately right before 250 years , the present Hazelgroove kingdom was created , nevertheless the one who sat around the throne of Hazelgroove kingdom still maintained the ancestral subject with the Emperor! Rather than master , even if they did not have a business under their command any further.
Gradually the light faction pushes managed win , recording a stressed Mazikeen , as she was imprisoned from the now outskirts of Purplehaze town!
With Rahim , an ambitious person in the blood vendor organization brainwashing him , eating his poison against the queen , he was direct astray to beleive that he could steal Mazikeen’s ability and grow into even more powerful than his daddy.
Aman at his total energy could summon 500,000 skeletons of amount 30! , He could develop a complete fodder army. With him improving in power , he could increase the good quality and amount of troops. Provided time he would have was a just one person army . Alas , he gone the wrong way!
For this reason why majority of the nothern region still is under light faction kings as well as cause of Hazelgroove Empire’s drop!
The only individual who arrived to know what transpired was crown Prince Aman , when Cervantez corronated him for a successor to his throne , and also at that exact instant his greed for the effectiveness of Mazikeen developed. For Aman his father was every little thing he ever aspired to always be , but however high he climbed in everyday life … He could never achieve his levels.
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In a very significant subterranean bunker , saved concealed out of the environment , a location solely those who needed the throne in Hazelgroove empire understood about , she stored enslaved for 700 yrs!

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